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Sutherlin, Oregon 97479

Contact No.(541) 459-4549

When a parent or a grandparent loses the ability to think clearly, we step in and take in the responsibility to think for them.
Our facility is staffed with licensed and specially trained caregivers. Looking for a career in a care home?
Your questions can be answered and your concerns can be addressed. Please come forward and send us a message.

Welcome to Chantele's Loving Touch Memory Care, Inc.

Come visit us and see this special place we call home...

Chantele's Loving Touch Memory Care is a sanctuary for individuals seeking a supportive environment where care and services are delivered with compassion. We give our residents client-centered care through personalized services fit for those with memory impairments.

For most of us with parents and grandparents, it's a joy to see them alive and well; however when their memory conditions change. We ask ourselves whether it's time to put them in the care of experts who know how to handle degenerative memory conditions while still maintain good health for those we love. This is where our home becomes a good place to start.

Chantele's Loving Touch Memory Care is a full-service, quiet and safe residence for seniors needing assistance with bathing dressing, grooming, medications and other daily activities. Our home has been specially designed for seniors needing Dementia and Alzheimer's care, with continuous and secure walkways indoors and out.

As a start, we ease the transition of your loved one from your home to ours. We carefully address their accustomed behavior when it comes to changes taking place - such as moving into a new residence. We've been in this profession long enough to prepare both you and your elderly loved one during and after the process of admission. It is crucial to do it as smoothly as possible.

We know Memory Care services by heart. Trust in Chantele's Loving Touch Memory Care to be the best care home that your loved one can move in. Welcome to our family!